Tour Route

The Oscar Wilde guided walking tour is Dublin's only dedicated tour to the life and times of young Oscar Wilde. The tour route is carefully crafted to follow the steps he took in his early life.

Each stop on the tour will represent an important part of Wilde's formative years. Along the way you will will learn about Dublin in the 19th century and Wilde's life within the bustling city.  

Locations include Oscar's birthplace, the house where he grew up and wrote some of his first works, We shall also visit where he used to work as a young man and where he was educated. Also on the route we visit the world famous Trinity college and explore Oscar's relationship with the college.

The meeting point for the tour is outside the Oscar Wilde House, Merrion Square West, Dublin.  

Locations of interest on the walk

  • 21 Westland Row - Oscar's birthplace

  • Shelbourne Hotel - which holds some surprising Wilde family secrets

  • The Oscar Wilde House - Oscar's family home until his 20's

  • Trinity college - where Oscar crafted his literary skills and made some very well known friends

  • Kennedy's Pub - where Oscar worked and socialized as a young man

  • Sweney's Chemist - which has surprising links to Oscar Wilde

  • Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture - Understand the true meaning of the famous statue and learn amazing facts about its creation

See Map below for details